Institution Universit ätsklinikum Tübingen//Institute for Tropical Medicine

Universit ätsklinikum Tübingen//Institute for Tropical Medicine

Strengths : and the parasites, molecular diagnostics, Pharmacogenomics

Principal investigator

PD. Dr. Thirumalaisamy P Velavan

Associate Professor and Group Leader & Institute of Tropical Medicine

Professor ayola Akim ADEGNIKA is currently full Professor of immuno-epidemiology and clinical research of infectious diseases at the University of Tübingen one of the director and deputy President of a Board of Directors of the Centre de Recherches Médicales de Lambaréné, in Gabon. Currently, he is a Principal Investigator (PI) of some phase I to phase III anti-infectious vaccines and drugs trials; and of several studies on clinical, epidemiology and immunology of helminth, Tuberculosis and malaria co-infection in school children and pregnant women.

. Professor Ayola Akim ADEGNIKA is collaborating with the Leiden Medical University Center in Leiden (LUMC) University of Hamburg (BNI), FCRM, USS, FORS, USTM, EDR, CIRMF. He is supervising medical and bio-medical students from UKT, LUMC, Medical University of Libreville, the University of Sciences and Technology of Franceville

He is a part-time lecturer at Medical School of Libreville and the Ecole Doctorale Régionale de Franceville, Gabon and University of Tübingen, Germany. Additionally, He is a peer reviewer of prestigious journal of infectious diseases including, Lancet of infectious diseases, Plos neglected tropical diseases, Plos One, Clinical infectious diseases….