HIV-TB-Malaria –NTDs - Training/Workshops

The CANTAM2 structure consist of essential implementing units called nodes. Actually there are 4 nodes coordinated by their PIs /or institutions.
These nodes are broken down into WPs which is divided into 5 WPs. Each WP has a lead PI though the network is interconnected by the nodes. These constitute the implementation committee which is overall chaired by the Project Coordinator Prof Francine NTOUMI.

The malaria node’s main goals are to integrate efforts to strengthen research capacity, synergizing amongst partners, easing EDCP’s Networks of Excellence (NOEs) plan to control malaria and provide sustainable support to new and emerging research ... more
This node’s main objective is to build capacity in TB-HIV clinical research especially to fill in the gaps of the first phase of CANTAM. Also, to strengthen operational network among the central African Regional Institutions working to improve ... more
The main aim of this node is to assess the magnitude (prevalence and intensity) of onchocerciasis and soil transmitted helminthiasis (STH) in young children excluded from preventive chemotherapies (mass ivermectin treatments) ... more
Training and workshops
This node’s main aim is to generate and share knowledge within partner institutions, strengthening sustainable partnership in research capacity. This is to break the isolation and difficulty that researchers maybe... more