To capitalize on the CANTAM1 network efforts and to increase clinical research health capacities and capabilities by engaging the network in innovative clinical trials, expanding the regional training platform and increasing the number of participating countries and partners.

Specific Objectives

• SO1: To increase local critical mass of health researchers by expanding the training platform and sustain capacities, by introduction of career development/mentorship programs. 

• SO2: To attract funding to investigate and advocate about resistant pathogens with drugs interaction and associated comorbidities and prevalence of neglected infectious diseases in different regional cohorts.  

• SO3: To establish an enhanced robust research network, governance and better communicate by securing active financial support from governments, private sector, and multilateral development partners. 

• SO4: To further develop laboratory and clinical trials capacity for innovative interventions (diagnostics, treatments of host-directed therapies, vaccines and biomarkers) on EDCTP priority diseases and re-emerging infectious disease threats.