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World TB Day

On the occasion of World TB Day, March 24, 2019, the Congolese Foundation for Medical Research and the Central Africa Clinical Research Network (CANTAM) organized this Friday, March 22, 2019 at the Research Center. on Infectious Diseases (CeRMI) at the scientific city (ex ORSTOM), a scientific meeting on the theme: Tuberculosis: Actions carried out at the City of research. During his presentation, Dr. Goma Laure Stella, Biologist Epidemiologist, Head of Department at the IRSSA and Supervisor of the Tuberculosis Project (CANTAM) at the Center for Research on Infectious Diseases, highlighted the important challenge of resistance of mycobacteria antituberculosis and the need to have a laboratory in Congo that makes culture. It is worth recalling that it was on March 24th, 1882, that the bacillus of koch responsible for tuberculosis was discovered by Dr. Robert KOCH and every March 24th, humanity celebrates the World Day of the fight against tuberculosis with the theme this year: IT'S TIME

CANTAM/EDCTP World TB Day was held in all TB sites (In Cameroon, at the University of Yaoundé I on the 22nd March 2018; The 24th March 2018 at Centre de Recherches sur les Maladies Infectieuses, Brazzaville RoC and the 14th April 2018 at Centre de Recherches Medicales de Lambarene, Gabon) on the theme “Wanted: Leaders for a TB free World”. This day was an opportunity for the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP) through the Central Africa Network for Tuberculosis, HIV/AIDS and Malaria (CANTAM) Network to shed light on the obscure daily lives of the victims of this burden and the actions of ordinary heroes in the fight against this infection, mobilizing political and social commitment to further progress towards its control and elimination.

The organization of this event first of all aimed at increasing the visibility of the EDCTP initiative through the CANTAM network program activities and also presenting to the scientific community and stakeholders the main achievements of CANTAM TB project.

The TB event has the purpose to bring together CANTAM TB members, representatives of Ministries of Health, Hospitals and TB treatment Centers, Dean of Faculties, scientists, researchers, national Tuberculosis Control Program, Doctorate Degree students and Master Degree students.

This celebration provided a scientific platform for presentations, exchanges and discussions that was an opportunity to establish more collaboration and synergy among the different scientists, researchers, stakeholders and others participants.

Those seminars clearly indicated that EDCTP and CANTAM programs clearly contribute in enhancing collaborative efforts of partners and countries, and thus in maximizing efficacy to knowledge development. CANTAM2 believes that capacity development gives central African researchers the opportunity to learn by doing, to utilize the developed capacity to ensure a successful outcome and capacity retention. This partnership ensures synergy and optimal use of resources and creates a win-win situation for all parties involved.

EDCTP and CANTAM are addressing a great thanks to all the attendees for their very active and intense participation

CANTAM is therefore an instrument for promotion of scientific cooperation between Central African and others northern and southern partners.

CANTAM, a network of five established and two developing institutions in Central Africa in sub-Saharan Africa.

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