The Central Africa Clinical Network (CANTAM) held from 14 to 15 February 2019 in Lusaka, Zambia the second meeting of its Phase II Steering Committee. The purpose of this meeting was to review the activities of the network for the first year and to make projections for the remaining two years. The steering committee of the network has also begun to think about obtaining an extension of funding by the European Union.



From 18 to 22 January 2019, a coordination team of the central African network on clinical trials (Cantam) LED by the, visited the site in yaoundé and buea (Cameroon) in Partner institutions of the cantam network. The objectives of this site visit were: * meet the research teams and administration of these institutions as well as students trained by the network and appreciate the infrastructure and equipment of laboratories. * popularize the recommendations of the edctp horizon 2020 which govern the administrative and financial management of the cantam project; * identify all obstacles that might impede the development of this project. At the end of the visit, the coordination team composed of the two project leaders (Mr Jolivet Mayela and Mr Leonard Numfor) and the responsible administration and Finance Officer (Mr Clem Makita) said that they were satisfied with the commitment of the different Teams in Cameroon in capacity-building for clinical research on infectious diseases (Malaria, tuberculosis, HIV / AIDS, neglected tropical diseases).
As part of the upgrading of laboratories of the institutions of the central African clinical research network, the congolese foundation for medical research received on 29 January 2019, Dr. Linzy Elton of the university college of London. . . This mission follows the first evaluation visit of the research centre on infectious diseases (LED by professor timmchugh and Dr. Julio Ortiz cansecode ucl in August 2018) and will consist of the implementation of the action plan adopted In August 2018

A group of school children of the AMERICAN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL OF BRAZZAVILLE visited the Research Center on Infectious Diseases (CeRMI) of FCRM . The purpose of this visit was tounderstand what were the activities conducted in a research lab.:This activity was also part of a sensitization to science for school children .

The Congolese Foundation for Medical Research (FCRM), as coordinating unit of the CANTAM network project, wilcomed an evaluation team of the European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials Partnership (EDCTP). Represented by, Michelle NDERU (Program Officer) and Mary Jane Coloma-Egelink (FinancOfficer).

The purpose of this mission was to examine the organizational structure of the Network Coordination and the compliance with EUH2020 guidelines on implementation actions.

Different meetings were held with the management team, students and other staff as well as local research partners (National Laboratory of Public Health, National Institute for Research in Health Sciences)

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CANTAM, a network of five established and two developing institutions in Central Africa in sub-Saharan Africa.

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