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Steering Committee Meetings

  1. First steering committee meeting, 28-29 March 2009, Lambaréné, Gabon
  2. Second Steering committee meeting, 23 March 2010, Lambaréné, Gabon
  3. Third Steering Committee, 18 October 2012, Brazzaville, Congo


Training Workshops



5. Clinical and research applications of flow cytometry course, 8-10 October 2009, Yaoundé, Cameroon (supported by CIRCB and ISS, Italy)


8. Writing collaborative European Union  proposal meeting, 14-15 December 2009, Brazzaville, Congo



  1. Good Clinical Practices workshop organized by AMANET and MIM Secretariat, 15-19 February 2010, Brazzaville, Congo
  2. Malaria SOP workshop, 24-26 March 2010, Lambaréné, Gabon, in collaboration with DAAD and MIM secretariat
  3. Proposal writing workshop for young investigators, 14-17 June 2019, Brazzaville, Rep of Congo in collaboration with CLEAR
  4. Good Clinical Practices workshop, 19-23 July 2010, Yaoundé, Cameroon organized by Centre International de Référence Chantal Biya in collaboration with AMANET and CANTAM. [ See Photos]
  5. HIV epidemiology course , 20 September- 01 October, Entebbe, Uganda
  6.  Ethics Committee and National Regulatory Authorities workshop, 27 September – 01 October, Yaoundé, Cameroon
  7. Malaria diagnosis workshop, 11- 15 October, Lambaréné, Gabon


  1. Malaria Community forum in Central Africa Tools for Surveillance of antimalarial drug efficacy, 06-08 June 2011 (Picture)
  2. 5th uganda Intensive Epidemiology and statistics course 2011 (UIESC), 20 November - 04 December 2011, Entebe Uganda
  3. Molecular Tools and Epidemiology of Tuberculosis course 2010-2011, 16-27 May 2011
  4. TB diagnosis and therapy during clinical trials in collaboration with DAAD 11-14 July 2011, Lambarene, Gabon
  5. Drug resistance in malaria and tuberculosis in collaboration with DAAD and MIM, 15-18 November 2011, Tubingen Germany
  6. Training on mentoring on the following clinical trials activities in collaboration with EACCR, March - June 2011, KEMRI /CDC Clinical Research Center Siaya-Kisumu, Kenya [See Photos].


  1. Workshop on Clinical Data Management in TB and Malaria
    [Group photo]
  2. Training on financial management from 10-15 September 2012 in Dakar-Senegal
  3. Workshop on clinical management about data management on Malaria and Tuberculosis in collaboration with DAAD and WWARN, from 16-19 October 2012 in Brazzaville - Republic of Congo
  4. Audit of CANTAM laboratories by EDCTP consultant-Brazzaville-Republic of Congo : from 13 to 16 September 2012
  5. Workshop on project management and leadership skills in April 09-13 with the technical support of CLEAR and ISHReCA [See photos]


Training on in Vitro mycobacterial culture, DST and quality control 13-22 February and 13-22 March 2013